Charting Mayflower History

The educational reach of the Mayflower programme is across all ages, abilities and activities, ensuring Mayflower is an inclusive opportunity, allowing all to understand the people and the voyage.

By creating specially designed resources, our young people will be able to participate and learn about this international event, both in the classroom, across the destinations, and with our partner compacts. 

Mayflower 400 is a commemoration, remembering the lives of the Mayflower Pilgrims, the Native American people they encountered and their legacy. It is an opportunity to delve into this significant historical event, from the beginnings of the Separatist movement in England to the first Thanksgiving in America, to appreciate the difficulties that were faced and understand its impact and relevance to society today. 

The education pages on this website are here to help you explore the narrative, the people behind the journey and the wider context of the Mayflower voyage. 


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